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How I Came to Young Living Essential Oils
Several years ago, I read an article about a Chiropractor and his wife. He was busy adjusting his community and making whole families well, and his wife was working along side of him using aromatherapy in their practice to aid the healing. While being fully immersed in chiropractic for more than two decades, I was intrigued how the two techniques could work in such great harmony. Throughout the years, I tried to use aromatherapy in our office and did notice the positive feedback about how it made our patients feel,but I was also sensitive to the fact that candles and scents could be too strong for everybody, and didn't think there were other aromatherapy choices out there for me to use.  From reading the article, I learned that essential oils were perfect for what I wanted because they provided healing effects as they enhanced our environment while still being subtle enough for everybody to enjoy.
For two years since reading about the husband and wife team, I followed the work of a woman in Australia who used essential oils with amazing results. One day, a patient shared information about a company called Young Living Essential Oils and the more I read about the company, the more impressed I became. Its aim was to help every member of its global family on his or her journey or personal transformation with the purest, highest quality essential oils, supplements and personal care products. A few days later, I went online before work to see what my Australian friend had been up to and realized that the oils she had been using all along were, in fact, Young Living Essential Oils!  Then when reading an excerpt at lunch written by Dr. Wayne Dyer, he shared the health transformation he experienced while using--you guessed it!  Young Living Essential Oils.  I believe all things come to us at the right time and, therefore, this string of events wasn't an accident.
I was sold on the fact that Young Living offers the purest therapeutic-grade essential oils by carefully controlling the entire seed to seal process- from the time the seed is sourced until the oil is sealed in the bottle. Young Living's dedication to quality ensured that we provide pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils with the complete, optimal blend of plant chemicals to ensure maximum potency and results.
I was led to exactly what I had been looking for. I have since been using oils at Raymond Chiropractic- we have oils for stress, calmness, joy, and balancing, and I have been experimenting with all of them while getting incredible results.
We at Beneficial Bodyworks are happy to now add aromatherapy to our repertoire of healing techniques in our massage and Reiki practice. Our goal is to reduce stress and to provide deep relaxation for our clients. When the body is stressed, the muscles tense up- the more tense the client, the less results are produced. The muscles respond quicker when stress is reduced in the mental and emotional fields first, which is why this addition is such a powerful one. 

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